Research and Development

DURALDUR S.p.A. is always attentive and active in the field of research and development, in order to offer its customers new and innovative technologies.
Thanks to constant investments and collaboration with leading companies in the industry sector, the company has worked and is working on the developing its own know-how.
Nowadays DURALDUR S.p.A. is engaged in developing in several projects ranging from metallurgy to the creation of new treatments on the various components produced, by passing through the definition of new production methods.

We propose some examples of field of the development in which DURALDUR S.p.A. is working:

  • Definition and testing of new alloys (aluminium, steel and cast iron) that are both casted and forged.
  • Definition and testing of new coating to be applied both on pistons and liners.
  • Definition and study of new cylinder production methods.
  • Definition of new processing techniques for pin bore machining (oval cross section).
  • Evaluation of new heat treatment process suitable to improve the mechanical characteristics of the materials used.

These are just a few example of new projects that Duraldur is devoting plenty of resources to.
The spirit of enterprise is always to study and learn new ways in order to offer its customers the best you can find on the market.

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