Quality Company Policy

The corporate structure of DURALDUR S.p.A. is organized to correspond to an Integrated System reported to the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, Iso 45001 as well as the IATF 16949 as well as to the legal requirements and to any other applicable requirements. It is management’s belief that the organization’s success is closely related to an “integrated” management of the processes required to implement the requirements of the customers, both in terms of product conformity and service. All this implies that all the organizational, commercial, technical and production activities that influence the quality, environment and safety are identified, planned, controlled and documented.

The Management annually approves strategic commitments that need to be pursued keeping the following principles active in the company:

The above statements will be implemented through:
1. preparation, constant updating and implementation of the information contained in the documentation of the Integrated System with the aim of meeting the requirements of regulations applied.
2. the monitoring of the degree of customer satisfaction through targeted visits, to achieve the highest levels of quality and service in the field, the changing needs of the customer in market strategies aimed at ensuring expectations.
3. the manufacture of qualitative and innovative products and equipment, by the support of external research centers.
4. the adjustment and verification of the lay-out production to meet the new demands of the market according to the quality and productivity in safeguarding the health and safety of personnel and environment.
5. the involvement of all staff by means of regular information and training on the culture, techniques of organization and management and how to work safely, for themselves and for others.
6. collaboration with suppliers in order to achieve mutual development with regard to the quality, environmental, safety and competitiveness aspects.
7. the ongoing verification of the adequacy and efficiency of equipment and production equipment and planning of ordinary maintenance operations, predictive (forecast of likely failures) and estimates.
8. planning and implementation of specific intervention plans in the event of environmental risks or safety (emergency), outside of the ordinary.
9. preventive analysis of potential environmental impacts prior to the introduction of new machinery, equipment, processes and products in order to prevent any forms of pollution and the timely assessment of the risks internal/external to the organization.
10. minimization and proper disposal of waste for proper collection and a possible recycling or recovery of the same
11. the planning and activation of specific intervention plans in the event of environmental or safety risk situations (emergencies), outside of ordinary management;
12. the preventive analysis of possible environmental impacts before the introduction of new machines, systems, processes and products in order to prevent any forms of pollution and the timely risk assessment for personnel internal/external to the organisation;
13. the minimization and appropriate disposal of waste for correct collection and possible recycling or recovery of the same.
14. Analysis of the context and interested parties, to define improvement actions to address risks and opportunities that impact the company management system.
15. Promotions of Renewable Energy Sources: The company actively seeks to increase the use of renewable energy in operations when possible and practical and will implement energy efficiency measures to reduce overall energy consumption.
16. Water Management with Sustainable Use: using water responsibly, avoiding waste and adopting sustainable management practices. the company will monitor and maintain company water systems to ensure water quality and availability.
17. Reduction of Pollutant Emissions: The company takes measures to minimize emissions of air pollutants and improve air quality in our area of operations.

The commitments for the Integrated System of DURALDUR S.p.A. resulted in an annual IMPROVEMENT PLAN, with measurable indicators and targets for the various functions of the organizational structure. The Management is committed to making available adequate resources and means to achieve the objectives and targets, in terms of expertise, equipment, information, economic and financial resources, and to monitor its continuing suitability and effectiveness.

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