Metrology is the science which takes care of measurements and their applications. In our sector Metrology is used for quality inspections and therefore to verify that the manufactured components meet the specification agreed with the Customer. Therefore it is a very important step which has to be carried out by using dedicated measurement equipment.

The main instruments are:

  • CMM Zeiss Contura
  • Roughness tester Taylor
  • Roundness tester FAG
  • Profile projector LTF
  • Hardness tester Hoytom (HB, HRC, HV)
  • Ultrasound machine Gilardoni Nexsus

The whole control activity during a manufacturing cycle is performed in self-control and constantly monitored by highly qualified personnel. The data collection has been computerized by a finishing machine link to a terminal net able to elaborate and analyze sampling in real time.
To assure the precision and continuity of the performed samplings the instrumentations, measurement and control equipment are managed periodically, by using primary samples too, whose traceability is guaranteed by registered institutes at a national or international level.

To better support this activity, DURALDUR’s metrology room is a steady temperature controlled environment and equipped with specific top quality instrumentation output proven for the sector, in order to prepare also final reports and product certification on Customer’s demand.

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